Customs Warehouse

Since 2017 Pertrans has a customs warehousing service, authorized by the Customs Authority. Pertrans warehouse is an approved location for direct customs clearance when exporting or importing goods inside and outside the European Union. Once this step has been completed and we get the authorization of the Verona customs, the goods do not require any further customs operations.

Streamlining customs operations means transport time savings and a supply chain cost reduction.

Pertrans: authorised warehouse
by Customs Authority

Goods in transit can be taken directly to Pertrans warehouse and, bound under the customs regime, can be stored depending on the collaborator’s business needs. Temporary stored goods can benefit from a temporary relief of customs duties and VAT.

Thanks to the professional qualification obtained by Pertrans, the warehouse is also authorized to the goods usual handling as soon as they are introduced in the foreign country.

Customs services

The Pertrans service guarantees collaboration with customs brokers duly registered in the register, who follow the collaborators throughout the import/export logistics process of commercial operations in the customs area: BDF TRANS SRL

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