About us

From over 30 years Pertrans S.r.l. works in the field of logistics for thetextile transport  and the High Fashion Industry.
Our services are aimed at prestigiousclothing retailers  and brands. 

We are based in Vallese di Oppeano, in the province of Verona and are handling  the logistics within Italy and all over the world.
We are committed to providing reliable and timely services  , fully in line with the needs of our customers.








The solution for the fashion world living up to your brand promise!

Quality and efficiency are the core values of Pertrans’ services. Every day we are strongly determined to care for your needs with lots of dedication. It is essential for us to support you in building and expand your brand reputation, by handling your garments efficiently and with care.


Vehicles and carriers: internal and external services

Pertrans has a complete range of company vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped to hang garments according to our client transport requirements. They can vary in type and size.

The transport process is fully co-ordinated by computerised satellite geolocationand centralised anti-theft monitoring systems.


Our team: training and quality

Our first and most valuable resource isour team people. They are commited and skilled, they build the core of ourquality management system. di Pertrans. Continuous improvement, the achievements of established professionals and the enthusiasm of younger people pursue the same company value: offering a service to enhance your brand prestige that relies on us. The challenge is to be able to do this every day, in a flexible way, adapting to the constant changes in our market.